Nowadays it seems everyone thinks of themselves as social media experts. Unfortunately,there is no litmus test in existence to fully know for sure. There are a few certifications you can earn, yet how do you truly know you are hiring someone who can actually make things happen in social media?  We personally believe most in the industry who call themselves”experts” simply aren’t.  Here are 7 sure fire ways to screen out the wannabes from the real deal.

  • #1. Are they currently getting paid by a client to do social media?
  • #2. Have they actually hit the “update status” button on behalf of a client?
  • #3. Have they written a social media plan for a brand and been paid for it?
  • #4. Have they managed a client through a crisis on social media?
  • #5. Have they achieved real, measurable results for a client that made a difference?
  • #6. Can they provide references?
  • #7. Do they use tools they are willing to show you?
Remember:  just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  • Vicki

    Great tips! Everyone should follow these guidelines. A “social media” portfolio is a must!

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