What to do when your competitor steals your ad campaignRight out of the gate in 2012 we discovered our client’s largest competitor had stolen their exact ad campaign. This can be a bit unnerving for some, and frustrating.  However, this same competitor does not have an effective search marketing strategy in place. This presents a unique and exciting opportunity for OUR client! This means all of their ads, that look like ours, will now generate more interest online.  Most people go and “google” what they can remember from a TV spot, or radio spot.  This is why you see HAMSTERS driving cars. That’s where a smart search strategy kicks into gear.  We have our client very well positioned in search, so when their competitor runs and ad on TV we reap the benefit of it.

The headline in our ad, that ran last summer read “I refuse to wear jeans all summer!”.  The competitor’s new ad, airing this past week says “We’re not going to wear long pants in July”.  As you can see, it’s not verbatim copywriting, but it IS the exact same tone and approach.

To get a good idea of what your competition is doing with their search marketing, use a free site like www.semrush.com and go see what keywords they are going after.  Make sure you also type your own company URL in and see what comes up for you. In a matter of ten minutes you can make smarter decisions for your marketing budgets.

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