New or traditional media… Why choose? Create brand experiences that utilize all available resources.


“Make the phones ring” is often heard from our clients. The fancy marketing term for this is “Lead Generation”. Although it feels unique to each the strategy can be very similar when you strip away the creative and the brand.  People are looking for information online, if you are not providing it they wont find you. Pretty simple.  We’ve created several campaigns that drive leads for our clients on a daily basis. From sweepstakes promotions on Facebook to custom-built landing pages, we have generated hundreds of leads and directly impacted our client’s bottom line.

With our client GetMarried, we added a weekly giveaway to their social media strategy that generates over one hundred entries each week.  Our client Granite Transformations receives over forty calls a month for their services just from their landing pages.

Some of these experiences are easier to implement than others, most we can build in less than a month for you.


“Idiot box?” Hardly. With Internet compatibility and a social focus, the household TV is getting a little smarter everyday. What’s your brand doing to adapt?



Traditional media is only a problem when it tries to stay that way. iCre8t makes what was old new again, with engaging campaigns that bridge the silver and digital ages.



This beast can still make a big impact and we have tamed and trained it in the art of communication. We’ll carry your brand to the masses with tangible messaging with results that prove print is still alive.



Call us nerds, but there’s something about new technology that just feels magical. If you haven’t been wowed by the web lately, wait until you see the miracles we work with your brand.