600 million potential customers, one social savvy team. (We’d say it, but “fish in a barrel” seems a little crude.)


We specialize in keeping social media accountable.

Too often social media strategy becomes an amorphous blob of big ideas and false promises. People hear what’s possible in social and they spread themselves too thin. At iCre8t, we concept an approaches with surgical focus, and roll out social media campaigns that truly have an effect on your bottom line.

In one year, we worked on six different social media campaigns for six different clients: generating sales leads, trialing products, increasing SEO rankings and driving enormous amounts of brand impressions… and it was simpler than you might think. By discussing and understanding clear-cut goals for our social presences prior to launch, we’re able to create experiences that deliver tangible, quantifiable results.

A Few of Our Memorable Clients


Awareness: Pennington Wild Bird Feed

  • Winner Best Brand Experience through Social Media, AIMA 2011
  • Official Finalist for Best Social Media Campaign AMY Awards 2011
  • Exceeded original performance goal by 340% for lead generation
  • Generated over 500,000 impressions in 90 days
  • Generated 60,000 visitors per month for national Facebook page
  • Over 5,000 pictures uploaded in less than 6 months (About 30 pictures a day)
Home Depot Careers Facebook Game

Engagement: Home Depot Careers Facebook Games

  • wrote, designed, scripted and produced 5 games that live on their Facebook page
  • educated potential employees about the qualities The Home Depot looks for in candidates
  • added a fun layer of engagement to a heavy corporate Facebook page
  • beat largest competitor to market with games
Ascot Diamonds Facebook Tab

Lead Generation: Ascot Diamonds

  • Exceeded goal by 120%
  • Generated over 1500 leads in less than 30 days for 3 offices