Our Approach to Social Media

Effective and intelligent social media strategies are formulated around what is known as a crawl, walk, run strategy.  This approach visually maps out where we are currently to where we are going, with key milestones over a defined time period.

Phase 1 – Get Smart

Some of the ways we approach traditional marketing planning have been ignored as we have raced forward to adopt new social media channels and technologies.  If we pause for a moment and remember that we must apply the same thinking to our social media marketing we will make good, fact-based decisions to drive effectiveness. To begin, we must first listen. We now have more tools than ever to listen in great detail to conversations going on amongst many different segments and demographics on a global scale.  As a first phase, the crawl phase, we typically suggest the following:

Listening, monitoring – this is truly key to charting a long-term strategy. What are people talking about, what do they know and believe to be true or false? Who do they trust? What influences them? Where do conversations take place? How do theses conversations change by demographic, time of day, etc.

Deliverables in this portion can include:

Weekly reports to identify key insights on conversations, demographics, etc

Where conversations are taking place and when

Who leads and influences conversations

What else are target and key audiences doing online? Is there a correlation of behaviors online to some other activity?

What other messaging is in front of them? Is it working?